Haining Volunteer Association founded in 2011, belong to the Haining City Charity federation.

Our founder also is one of the founder of Haining Volunteer Association, has spared no effort to participate in social welfare undertakings.

He said: "although our ability is limited, but this does not affect our belief in charity;

As long as everyone gives a little love, make world the better place!"

Nanguanxiang public vegetarian restaurant is located in the ancient nanguanxiang street of Chaocheng, Haining City.

It is a crowdfunding self-service vegetarian restaurant and a social enterprise with "self-management and self-development".

All profits are used for social welfare services and charitable donations.

Nanguanxiang vegetarian restaurant advocates the public welfare concept of "eating is also public welfare", and actively expects the green life attitude of healthy diet.

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