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What are Sock Materials (Socks Yarn)

You may wonder what*s behind a beautiful pair of socks. Well, yarns. There are a whole bunch of yarns used for producing colorful socks, getting to know these yarns are relatively difficult, even for those in the socks industry. However, this page will give you an easy & quick guide on differnet sock materials.
Usually Jireh knitting have these kinds yarns: sustainable yarn, normal yarns and functional yarn.

Sustainable Recycled yarns

- Reduce your carbon footprint with socks made from recycled materials.

Paper yarn

Raw materials of paper are manila hemp and spruce.
Anti Odor & Anti Bacterial
Base on ISO test standards, our all day pile ankle socks reduced.
Moisture-Wicking & Quick Drying
Paper yarn has much more pockets between its fibers than normal spun yarns,
which allow for the moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.
These properties can help prevent athlete's foot by keeping feet dry.

Bamboo yarn

Super soft bamboo fiber.
Bamboo socks are comfortable in all different types of temperatures, keeps your feet warm during winter and cool during summer.
Moisture wicking
Made from natural bamboo fiber which provides excellent air circulation, absorb the moisture away from your feet and reducing the risk of fungal infections.

Soybean yarn

The soybean fiber is completely healthy and comfortable.
It is eco-friendly fiber come from natural soybean.
The fibre is anti-ultraviolet.
Helping to reduce rubbing/pilling.
Absorption properties are similar to cotton and so the fibre feels cool.

Recycled polyester yarn

Made Like No Other〞From Recycled Plastic Bottles
We love sustainability so much, Jireh knitting*s yarn suppliers collect their own plastic bottles and feed them into their vertically integrated process to create REPREVE recycled polyester.
Use it to make almost anything sustainable, with filament, staple fiber and fiber fill products. REPREVE polyester fiber can also have wicking, thermal comfort, and other performance technologies embedded in the fiber. To help take your products further.

Normal yarns

Jireh knitting offer various kinds of socks materials for you choose: cotton, combed cotton, organic cotton, mercerized cotton, modal cotton, merino wool, spandex, nylon, polyester, fuzzy yarn, chenille yarn, chiffon yarn, metallised, lurex viscose and etc.

The 4 Common Sock Materials/Yarns

Cotton每The most common fiber used in socks.A soft, natural fiber from cotton plant. It*s breathable and strong.
Polyester每The most-used synthetic fiber. polyester is washable and resistant to wrinkles.
Nylon每Produces more elasticity, nylon is stronger yet weighs less.
Spandex每More durable, resistent to body oils, spandex can be stretched over 500% without breaking.
Among these 4 yarns, cotton and wool need further discussion.

Different types of cotton

Organic cotton每Grown with non-genetically modified plants, you know, organic!
Mercerized cotton每A cotton yarn that is put through an additional finishing process(mercerizing) to provide great luster and softness to the yarn and to intensify dyed colors.
Combed cotton每Cotton treated further to remove short fibers and impurities. The cotton is literally combed, leaving long, straight cotton fibers only. Combed cotton feel softer against your skin. Generally, combed cotton is more expensive than regular cotton.
Modal cotton每Modal is a type of rayon made from beech tree fibers, the combination of cotton and modal feels more silky.

Please note: Now you know the basic 4 yarns in socks manufacturing, but a sock doesn*t contain them all, actually common socks are usually made up of 3 yarns: 75% cotton, 22% polyester/nylon, plus 3% of spandex.
Welcome to visit us in our socks factory so as to touch the yarns yourself.
You can definitely outsouce in a local yarn market, too.

Functional yarns

Deodor socks

*Natural, healthy and eco-friendly.
*Mixed with seaweed extraction and lactobacillus.
*Resolve and remove the existing odor a few seconds.
*Melt with the raw material of viscose, so the deodor function is permanent.


*Excellent moisture management and wicking performance
*Excellent air permeability
*Permanent moisture management performance
*Excellent washfast and colorfast performance

Fabric made with COOLMAX® AIR technology uses yarns with propeller-shaped cross-sections to deliver the combined performance of superior moisture management, breathability, and quick dry time. It provides comfort to help outdoor enthusiasts optimize performance.


*Quick-drying performance.
*Raise skin temperature by about 1∼C.
*Lasts for the life of a garment and does not wash off.

The technology is based on innovative fibers that contain special ceramic particles which absorb Far InfraRed (FIR) rays emitted by the body, and then reflect them back to the wearer as heat.

Next-to-skin garments (e.g., legwear and socks) made from these fibers keep the wearer warmer longer.

Merino wool socks

*Natural and Soft
*Resists Odors
*Helps Regulate Body Temperature
*Helps Keep You Dry and Sweat-Free

The merino is one of the world*s most ancient breeds of sheep.

And one of the toughest.

Choose socks that are made of Merino wool. They have proper insulation. The socks also adapt to the weather changes. During winter, it keeps your feet warm, and in summer, cold. The socks are very soft and they can absorb lots of moisture. In fact, their moisture wicking ability allows them to remain warm even when they are soggy.

Another reason why you need Merino wool socks is because they easily dry.

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